Asheville’s South Slope

In Asheville, thirsty locals and tourists hit the gritty streets of South Slope for a unique taste of brews in North Carolina’s beer city.

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Neighborhood Microbreweries in the Triad

Craft beer in North Carolina has taken off in the last several years. Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and High Point are home to many established and well-respected breweries.

But, in the last few months, several microbreweries have a found a seat at the table: Small Batch, Hoots Beer Co., Gibb’s Hundred Brewing, Preyer Brewing, and Pig Pounder Brewery, just to name a few. They’re focused on crafting unique beer, using local ingredients, and creating community around the world’s oldest beverage.

For a list of NC Beer Month activities in the Triad, don’t miss this round up from Eric Ginsburg at Triad City Beat.

Inventive and Traditional Styles in Charlotte

The beer scene in the Queen City has taken off in the last several years. And they’re keeping it diverse by offering everything from old world traditional beers to new school eclectic brews.

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Bottle Shops and Branding in Raleigh

Local beer isn’t just for locals anymore. In Raleigh, we explore how craft brewers are showcasing their beers in taprooms and on shelves across the state.

For more information about the Raleigh beer scene, check out the Raleigh Beer Guys, Visit Raleigh, and 919 Beer.

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