The February 2023 Issue


NC Sweethearts

In all aspects of North Carolina life, from faith and politics to pop culture and literature, iconic couples and their love have helped shape our state’s identity.

Welcome Home

90th Anniversary

The Seeker

A self-proclaimed minimalist with an eye for the nostalgic sifts through estates filled with thousands of belongings to find the treasures hidden within.

A Plated Past

From decades of North Carolina fishermen, pitmasters, bakers, and creative home cooks, our state’s storied recipes are memorable markers of a rich history.


A Simmer of Hope

The best part of a winter weekend? A big pot of chili or gumbo, cooked low and slow. For the Ramblin’ Man, February is the perfect time for a Sunday kind of stew.

Carolina Candy Land

From nostalgic treats in barrels at old-timey stores to brand-new inventions shipped across the country, North Carolina’s candy creators and connoisseurs make life a little sweeter.

Made in North Carolina

Made in NC: Bright Black

A Triangle-area family mixes positive messages with scents of lilac, myrrh, tobacco, and other fragrances. Their handcrafted candles illuminate the music and culture of the African diaspora.

Made in NC: Sun Raised Foods

When an alternative-energy entrepreneur turned to sheep as an eco-friendly way to help maintain the grass around panels, delicious serendipity struck in the form of lamb salami.

Made in NC: Shanti Elixirs

Jun is an ancient beverage shrouded in mystery. Made by fermenting honey and tea, its origin is uncertain. But today, a group of women near Asheville are writing their own chapter in its history.

Made in NC: Ex-Files Knives

Inspired by a long tradition among Appalachian farmers, a couple in Buncombe County transforms vintage tools and time-worn fabrics into handcrafted cutlery for modern kitchens.

Made in NC: Farm to Feet

The second-generation owner of a Surry County hosiery mill is helping keep a North Carolina legacy industry alive. His company’s 21st-century socks feature bold designs and high-quality fabrics geared to dedicated lovers of the outdoors.