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Get creative with all that turkey using three Thanksgiving sandwich recipes courtesy of Wendy Perry, Our State’s recipe tester and food stylist.

Don’t let the lack of measurements in these recipes scare you. Instead, engage in a little bit of what Perry calls “throw cooking.” Take what’s on hand to create a meal that’s uniquely your own without the constriction of to-a-tee instructions. After hours of preparation for food’s biggest holiday, recline with one of these sandwiches in hand and the football game on the TV.

Collard Wraps

No traditional family supper in the South is complete without some collards. Its versatile and interchangeable ingredients make this wrap the kitchen sink of Thanksgiving sandwiches.


• Collard leaves
• Turkey
• Dressing
• Water chestnuts (Optional)
• Green onion (Optional)
• Orange marmalade
• Cranberry sauce
• Cilantro

When cooking collards for Thanksgiving dinner, save several large leaves. Blanch for about 5 minutes until tender. (These can be cooked ahead of time and refrigerated.) For the filling, mix together chopped turkey and dressing. Fold in chopped water chestnuts, green onion, and any other tidbits of leftovers you’d like. Lay out the collard leaf, and spread some of the dressing mixture across the center. Fold up the bottom and sides of the leaf before rolling it. To create the dipping sauce, mix orange marmalade and cranberry sauce together. Stir in a bit of fresh chopped cilantro.

BBQ Turkey Sliders

Step aside pulled pork — meet your newest match ready for a sandwich takeover: turkey.

• Turkey
• Barbecue sauce
• Hamburger bun
• Slawsa

Shred leftover turkey, put it in a bowl, and mix in your favorite barbecue sauce. Place the turkey on a small bun. Top it off with Slawsa, a North Carolina-made product that combines the sweetness of coleslaw and and the heat of salsa into a single tasty topping.

Turkey Breakfast Biscuit

Because Thanksgiving leftovers shouldn’t be limited to just lunch…

• Eggs
• Water
• Flour
• Salt
• Pepper
• Poultry seasoning
• Biscuits
• Pimento cheese

In small bowl, whisk an egg together with a tablespoon of water. In another bowl, combine flour with salt, pepper, and poultry seasoning. Dip slices of leftover turkey in the egg wash, then flour. Sauté until browned and crispy on both sides. While the turkey cooks, fry an egg in a separate pan. Toast the biscuits and cut in half. Spread the bottom half of the biscuit with pimento cheese. Top with a slice of fried turkey, an egg, and the other half of the biscuit.

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Wendy Perry is a recipe developer, personal chef, and Franklin County native.