The Story of Texas Pete

The hot sauce’s name might be an homage to The Lone Star State, but Texas Pete has always been a Winston-Salem staple.


How Jennette’s Pier Became the People’s Pier

Jennette’s Pier has been built up and knocked down numerous times throughout the years, yet it steadfastly still stands today as a social hub for all on the Outer Banks.


Meet the Diamond Guys of Schiffman’s Jewelers

Want a ring? A watch? A necklace? The Schiffman brothers will sell them to you. Want a chuckle? Try listening to the stories from a fourth-generation jewelry store that’s still doing some serious business.

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Family Traditions Run Deep at Washburn’s General Store

Once a stagecoach stop, Washburn’s General Store in Rutherford County is where the locals eat lunch and orders come in from around the world, although some stuff just isn’t for sale.


100 Family Businesses That Built North Carolina

This impressive list includes dozens of families, and their service shops, stores, factories, and farms that’ve made it to the third generation — and beyond.