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50 Years of Furniture Tradition: Part 2

An influential force in North Carolina’s furniture-making community, LEE Industries in Conover collaborates with talented regional artisans and craftspeople within a 50-mile radius to create truly local pieces.

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Modern Living in NC: The Farmhouse

A menagerie of animals — along with their human keepers — delight in a beautifully and sustainably designed life on the farm.

Home & Garden

Modern Living in NC: The Urban Loft

For architect Adam Sebastian, a childhood spent building forts and tree houses in Forsyth County honed the design skills that he used to create a home high above the treetops.


A Slice to Remember

When pizza parlors arrived in North Carolina, the checkered tablecloths and warm, garlicky welcome changed downtown eating — and campus life — forever.

Decades Series

The 1950s: At The Drive-In

After the war, North Carolinians hit the road on gasoline that’s newly cheap and plentiful. Sleek cars in a kaleidoscope of colors carry families to drive-in theaters and restaurants, where they watch and dine under the stars.

Home & Garden

The Warmth of Glass & Stone

Growing up in a modernist masterpiece taught two sisters that a house is far more than a home — it’s a feeling.


Shelton Herb Farm in Leland

In Brunswick County, a former marine biologist grows a bounty of herbs, vegetables, and edible flowers on her family farm.