A Sound Country Serenade

From the boats to the bridges, the waterfronts to the wildlife, a writer finds lyricism among the streams, rivers, and sounds that connect, rather than separate, our coastal homes.


History: The Great Oyster War

In 1890, tensions between native Ocracokers and marauding outsiders came to a head. At the center of the conflict? A small but valuable shellfish.


Oysters are the Beauty Within Stump Sound

The tastiest oysters come from the unlikeliest of places: The silt and mud of Stump Sound.


Ramblin’ Man: Bound by the Beach House

During annual Memorial Day trips to the coast, friends become family, families become a village, and a vacation becomes a tradition.


Family Tradition: The Edge of Summer

Friends and family and long, lazy days on the lake: This is almost-summer in North Carolina.