Was North Carolina a Haven for Pirates?

Everybody knows Blackbeard made a habit of roaming North Carolina’s shores, but few know the real reasons why.


Last Call At Jackalope Jack’s

After years of memories, meet-ups, first dates, and sing-a-longs, a long goodbye may be coming for one of Charlotte’s neighborhood bars.


Why is Raleigh the Capital of North Carolina?

Raleigh wasn’t always the capital of North Carolina. The story of how it became our state’s seat of government is more complicated than you may think.

Home & Garden

Homeplace: Sissipahaw Lofts in Saxapahaw

After the textile industry left town, Saxapahaw has since been revitalized. Part of the town’s mill has been converted into a living space known as the Sissipahaw Lofts, made beautiful by those who call it home.