‘Pop the Cap’ Initiative Celebrates 10 Years

Ten years after North Carolina’s alcohol by volume limit on beer was raised, “Pop the Cap” organizer Sean Lilly Wilson reflects on the state’s growing beer economy.

April 2015

NC Towns Foster Friendships with Sister Cities

Many North Carolina towns have formed lasting partnerships with cities across the globe, proving it’s the mutual mission of diplomacy — not the miles separating us — that matters.


A Fan Until the End, and Beyond

A new study uses obituaries to find out what makes the loyal followers of college sports.


Like Learning How to Ride a Bike

A father and his two young sons explore the sights, sounds, and sometimes tastes of North Carolina.

Home & Garden

5 Tips to Create a Natural Landscape This Spring

Gone are the days of perfectly manicured lawns as many homeowners choose to create unadulterated natural landscapes. Use these simple tips to create a beautiful outdoor space of your own.


The Great Lexington Barbecue Cover-Up

Hidden for decades behind a wall in the mayor’s office, the discovery of the town’s oldest barbecue pits is jogging a city’s collective memory.

Arts & Culture

How We Live Now: The Farmhouse Modern

Historically and necessarily, North Carolina farmhouses were functional and unpretentious, a simple structure meant to protect people who worked the farm.


Origins of Weird Town Names in North Carolina

Wayne Schmitt, a reader from Concord, asked us, “What is so high about High Point?” His question got us thinking: What are the stories behind weird town names in North Carolina?