From Bluegrass to Zydeco, Asheville Music Flourishes

Asheville won’t sit still for labels. Its inhabitants will smile and oblige mountain-music expectations with strings that threaten to ignite under a picker’s high-speed fingers. Sidewalk musicians will stage corner concerts, a gracious Asheville reception for guests drawn to the city for its celebrated jam sessions. But don’t dress the Asheville of your daydreams in a permanent pair of cowboy boots. And don’t brand it an unruly drummer too offbeat to march in time.


Camping in Your Own Backyard

A father and his two young sons explore the sights, sounds, and sometimes tastes of North Carolina. This time, they head out to the backyard and pitch a tent where precious family memories are made.


Camp Romance

Memories of summer love change with age, but some details never fade.


Love & Milkshakes at the Soda Fountain

Two scoops. Two straws. Two sippers. When shared, the simple milkshake, stirred and whirred and blended into frothy bliss, has been the basis for many a romance. Eyes meet eyes over a bright red cherry. Grins grow wide with whipped cream mustaches. Heartbeats quicken with the last noisy slurps. Whether in a classic fountain like Central Drug in Bessemer City, or at Mike’s on Main in Hendersonville and Pike’s in Charlotte, where soda jerks mix ice-creamy concoctions, love — and nostalgia — is still in the sweet-smelling air.


The Timeless Summer Fling

Temporary as tides and tan lines, the summer romance is a seasonal rite of passage.


10 Thoughts on Thunder Road’s Closure

The last ride is approaching for a wooden icon at Carowinds, so our senior writer channeled his inner child to dissect the mind of a roller coaster rider.


Secrets of Sunny Point

Most everyone in Brunswick County knows about Military Ocean Terminal Sunny Point, the country’s largest ammunition port. But hardly anyone knows exactly what happens there.