Editor's Column

In Search Of Safe Places

There’s something we all want — a living connection of compassion.


Peace Poles Unite Many in Rowan County

The symbol erected in parks throughout Rowan County is simple, its message clear and easy to understand no matter the language: May Peace Prevail On Earth.


Inside The Silence at Belmont Abbey College

Solitude and prayer, historic tradition and modern education, blend beautifully at a campus where monks and students practice the habit of doing good.


Unearthed: Feast Down East

Based in Wilmington, North Carolina, Feast Down East is a nonprofit that ensures the livelihoods of small-scale farmers through community outreach.

Arts & Culture

BRÖÖ Takes Beer “Saloon to Salon” with Shampoo

An Asheville couple taps into the local creative industry with a beer shampoo line, BRÖÖ. What other beauty company bottles shampoo in a six-pack?


Why is Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem?

Many are surprised to learn that Wake Forest University is located in Winston-Salem, more than 100 miles west of the town of Wake Forest. While the university got its start as a college in Wake Forest, its move to the Triad is a historic one.

Arts & Culture

Revolution Mill Reimagined

If you think industrial, antique, and ornate are three styles that can’t live in harmony, you haven’t been to Revolution Mill in Greensboro.