Toy Stories

While the staff at the state Museum of History creates a new exhibit about our childhood obsessions, North Carolinians reflect on the kids they were, the adults they’ve become, and the toys that shaped them.

Decades Series

The Devil Dogs Find a Home

As war tensions ratchet up, the Marine Corps needs a training ground on the East Coast, and the military finds what it’s looking for near Jacksonville.

Decades Series

A Man For His Time

North Carolina’s wartime governor takes office with a desire to help the state he loves.


Roots & Grooves

For three decades, the tobacco town of Kinston was known as a hothouse for musical talent. Teachers and their students dazzled audiences with their jazz, swing, and R&B jams, giving rise to a new American sound: funk.


A Revolutionary Tea Party

Edenton, a former port town on Albemarle Sound, has been called one of America’s prettiest towns. Its rich history makes it a true North Carolina treasure.

Decades Series

Learning, the Black Mountain Way

An experiment with innovative teachers and a nontraditional curriculum yields a controversial educational experience.


Our State Quiz: Resting Place

In historic cemeteries across the state, North Carolinians from all walks of life lie bound by the earth to their Carolina home.