Revisiting North Carolina’s Ties to the Miracle on Hudson

Eight years after the emergency landing of US Airways Flight 1549 on New York’s Hudson River, a Charlotte passenger reflects on the events of January 15, 2009 and how the “miracle” is sealed in North Carolina’s aviation history.


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North Carolina Suffragettes’ Crusade to Cast a Ballot

North Carolina suffragettes went head to head with a state legislature that opposed the 19th Amendment. In the end, the suffragettes’ fight helped ensure a victory for women.


4 Outer Banks Ghost Stories That’ll Spook This Halloween

No place in North Carolina stirs the imagination quite like the Outer Banks. Remote, untamed, and mystifying, our state’s stretch of barrier islands is rich with lore that’s been preserved through generations.


Meet the Ferryman of the Outer Banks

Getting to Portsmouth Island from Ocracoke has never been easy, but one family has made it possible for the past 40 years. Will the next generation continue the tradition? Time will tell.