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Alma Galloway — or “Farmer Alma,” as she’s known to the 5,000 school-age children who visit Galloway Farm each year — lives for the fall. That’s when her cornfields really come to life.

From September through the end of November, Alma and her husband, Jason, prepare for as many as 10,000 visitors, who come to the farm to get lost in the winding paths and towering stalks of its specially cut, 13-acre corn maze — one of the largest in North Carolina. They also come to see the donkeys, sheep, goats, and rabbits, and to go on hayrides — Alma’s favorite time to quiz kids on what’s growing around them.

When Jason’s great-aunt Bee passed the farm down to the fourth generation in the early 2000s, she also passed along the hope that Galloway would stay in the family for years to come. Today, Jason, Alma, and their teenage son, Walker, work on the farm full-time. So does Jason’s dad, 78-year-old Frank, who still drives a tractor down the quiet country roads. Aunt Bee would be proud.

Galloway Farm
370 Artesia Road,
Hallsboro, NC 28442
(910) 520-8940

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