The Campground Family

Whiling away the weekend with friends and relatives at Holly Bluff has been a warm-weather tradition in Randolph County for 50 years.

July 2012

Our Natural Habitat

Should you pick that flower? Should you dig up that moss? An exhibit at the N.C. Zoo in Asheboro makes us think twice about our everyday surroundings.

December 2011

Choice Cuts

Holiday and family traditions carry the season at a choose-your-own Christmas tree farm near Boone.

December 2010

Main Street Merchant

Although Belk stores today pepper suburbs throughout the South, the Charlotte-based retailer remembers its roots as a downtown business built on bargains and service.


Deluxe Playground

In the early to mid-20th century, North Carolina was a popular hunting destination for wealthy sportsmen. Among the many hunting lodges they built in the Piedmont, Fairview Park stood out for its luxurious amenities.

August 2010

Red Clay Culture

In central North Carolina, red clay is the sod beneath our feet, the bed from which nourishment springs, a source of work and of art. And for those of us whose roots are planted here, it colors who we are.


Finding Juan Pardo

An archaeologist from Warren Wilson College is digging up a 16th-century Spanish fort on a site near Burke County’s Morganton. But why did everyone disappear after 1568?

Home & Garden

Thanks to the Trees: Tim Womick’s Story

Asheboro’s Tim Womick wandered for years, trying this and quitting that. Then one day, in the middle of a hardwood forest, he found his true calling growing all around him.