A Sweet Potato Sampler

Go beyond the basic baked sweet potato with these four places to try our official state vegetable.


Feeding An Army

Military cook Brandon Akins has learned that no matter where he is around the world or what food he serves come Thanksgiving, some things are universal.

November 2012

Remembering the Old Homeplace

A house is more than a building. As we live in a place, we connect with it. As we gather there in familial groups to celebrate holidays year after year, a house becomes a reservoir of memory. It becomes the place to which we long to return.


Crossroads Cafe

In a community so small it lacks its own ZIP code, residents find identity at Byrum’s.

November 2012

Finest Plate in Town

Classic dishes remind a daughter of her parents’ Mooresville restaurant.

November 2012

Memorable Main Course

Pair a prime rib roast with horseradish sauce, and you’ve got a restaurant-worthy dish.

November 2012

Scalloped Potatoes

Try these scalloped potatoes from A Southern Lady Cooks for a savory side dish.

November 2012

Sweet Sourdough

Her grandmother’s recipe and a case of homesickness inspire a baker in Greensboro.