October 2012

What’s it Worth?

E.B. Harris knows one man doesn’t determine value. But with his farm in Warren County, statewide auction business, and connection to markets worldwide — agriculture in North Carolina wouldn’t be worth as much without him.


A Tractor Needs A Driver

When a farmer takes a seat on a tractor, he makes a connection. It’s a strong bond that he will one day pass down.


Something Sweet

A little doughnut in the little town of Aberdeen makes big community connections.


The Peanut Man

Remembering a fixture of Raleigh’s Capitol Square.

October 2012

Oyster Supper Spread

In Cherryville, a cookbook preserves history through families and food.

October 2012

Scalloped Oysters

Original to the Rudisill oyster supper, this classic combo makes for a memorable meal.

October 2012

Lemon Chess Pie

This lemon chess pie from from Oldies and Goodies: 100 Years of Memories is the perfect way to end any meal.

October 2012

Shrimp Hush Puppies

Shrimp lovers, try these shrimp hush puppies from Oldies and Goodies: 100 Years of Memories. They make a delicious appetizer or side. A recipe for Horseradish Sauce is included!