Preservation Villages: Corolla Village

We remember who came before us and what they did and where they lived. We respect our past, and we preserve it. In Corolla, a woman gives the town its own schoolhouse again.

Civil War Series

Abraham Galloway: From Cartridge Box to Ballot Box

A black man in New Bern doesn’t want to be gifted the rights of freedom after the war. He wants to fight for them and win them. (Volume 2, Part 10)

October 2012

What’s it Worth?

E.B. Harris knows one man doesn’t determine value. But with his farm in Warren County, statewide auction business, and connection to markets worldwide — agriculture in North Carolina wouldn’t be worth as much without him.


A Tractor Needs A Driver

When a farmer takes a seat on a tractor, he makes a connection. It’s a strong bond that he will one day pass down.


Game Day Grub

Pirate Nation preps for battle at Cubbie’s.


Something Sweet

A little doughnut in the little town of Aberdeen makes big community connections.


The Peanut Man

Remembering a fixture of Raleigh’s Capitol Square.

October 2012

Oyster Supper Spread

In Cherryville, a cookbook preserves history through families and food.

October 2012

Scalloped Oysters

Original to the Rudisill oyster supper, this classic combo makes for a memorable meal.