Snip, Clip, Curl: Remembering The Classic Barbershop

Once mainstays of Main Street, barbershops and beauty parlors still exist, if you know where to look. Remember the gossip, those giant hair dryers, and that unmistakable scent? Take a seat, and be taken back.


Traveling Musical Trails

The Blue Ridge Music Trails of North Carolina preserves the songs and sounds of the western part of our state.


Family Ties: February Book Picks

From Fred Chappell’s humorous look at the life of a boy growing up in the 1940s, to Wiley Cash’s harrowing tale of a father who will do anything to keep his children safe and by his side, four novels speak to the importance of family, and the trials of coming of age.


Making Amends With Our Red Fox

Sly? Yes. Reclusive? Definitely. But a carpetbagger? Hardly.


Merci Train Boxcar Symbolizes French-American Ties

Following World War II, in recognition of American postwar relief efforts, the people of France sent over boxcars filled with gifts to say “thank you.”


Records of the Moravians Conserved in Raleigh

The living history of North Carolina’s Moravians still resides in Old Salem, but for a taste of the stories behind the history, head east to the D.H. Hill Library.


Family Tradition: On Caves & Copperheads

Hibernating doesn’t always mean staying home to sleep. Sometimes, it means ending a cold, wet day with much-needed warmth, hospitality, and plenty of cobbler.