The Sleeping Giant on Lake Mattamuskeet

A former hunting lodge at Lake Mattamuskeet symbolizes Hyde County’s heyday — and maybe its future.


Deep in the Coharie Swamp

Don’t let its diminutive name fool you. Being lost in the midst of the dank darkness of the Little Coharie Swamp is terrifying.


Clary Sage’s Smell of Success

Tough to grow, stressful to harvest, and ignored for centuries, clary sage is making a comeback in a tiny corner of northeastern North Carolina, where farmers can’t wait to plant more.


A Sound Country Serenade

From the boats to the bridges, the waterfronts to the wildlife, a writer finds lyricism among the streams, rivers, and sounds that connect, rather than separate, our coastal homes.


History: The Great Oyster War

In 1890, tensions between native Ocracokers and marauding outsiders came to a head. At the center of the conflict? A small but valuable shellfish.


Oysters are the Beauty Within Stump Sound

The tastiest oysters come from the unlikeliest of places: The silt and mud of Stump Sound.


Ramblin’ Man: Bound by the Beach House

During annual Memorial Day trips to the coast, friends become family, families become a village, and a vacation becomes a tradition.