A Feast For Many

Buns flavored with spice and a hint of orange star in the Moravian tradition of lovefeast. And that keeps one bakery in Winston-Salem very busy at Christmastime.


A Gift That Keeps Giving

A chef known for his stellar seafood says that the Christmas tradition he treasures most is a decidedly landlocked creation: ham and beans.


Glam Ham

Whether elegantly glazed, pinned with pineapple, or shellacked with Cheerwine, ’tis the season for fancy hams.


Life of the Party

In North Carolina, the holiday season doesn’t really get rolling until the sausage balls arrive. Yet, even here, the origin of the recipe remains a mystery.


Luck By The Slice

In Forsyth County’s Greek community, a traditional New Year’s Day cake is a reminder that family is the source of good fortune.


Bundles of Love

For a Venezuelan family in Charlotte, Christmas cooking goes on all month, and then some. But one special tamale-making ritual really brings home the holiday.


The Great Punch Comeback

A new generation has discovered the festive wonders of Grandma’s punch bowl. And holiday spirits have never been brighter.