5 Farm-to-Table Restaurants in Western NC to Try This Winter

These farm-to-table restaurants don’t let the cold weather stifle their creativity — they work with what’s available, and their menus are anything but boring.


Baked Sweet Potato Orange Cups Recipe

When recipe developer Lynn Wells was growing up, her mother made these orange cups every Thanksgiving. Now, you can, too.


Kale and Sweet Potato Salad Recipe

Eat your greens: This flavorful, colorful salad is as good-looking as it is good for you.


Sweet Potato Casserole Pie Recipe

Yes, you can add a buttery, crunchy topping to your sweet potato pie. In fact, we recommend it.


The Best Way to Eat Collard Greens is to Sip Them

Don’t toss that broth! Potlikker — the liquid left behind after boiling collards — is loaded with vitamins and minerals. Plus, it’s delicious.


Sweet Potato Muffins Recipe

If fall were a snack, it would be these nutty, spiced muffins. Add raisins and walnuts for a little extra oomph.