Moravian Chicken Pie

This Moravian-inspired chicken pie recipe makes a delicious and hearty meal, and preparing it is a cinch — the hardest part is waiting for it to cook.


Supper with the Cherokee Trio: Corn, Beans, and Squash

The Cherokee trio of corn, beans, and squash have long been grown together for a more robust harvest and superior flavor. But that doesn’t mean you’ll see them all on one plate. (Well, maybe, if you know where to look.)


November 2017 Beer Event Guide

From brewery chili cook-offs to beer and doughnut pairings, these beer events are sure to keep you happy and warm as the nights get colder and longer.


Crab and Artichoke Dip

This hearty dip is irresistible when it comes out of the oven — cheesy, bubbly, and golden-brown. Dig in with your favorite crackers or spread on toasted baguette slices.


Fried Chicken with Piedmont Dip Sauce

There’s nothing more Southern than fried chicken — except maybe when it’s drenched in Piedmont barbecue sauce. Every layer of the recipe is seasoned with a kick, so it pairs perfectly with cole slaw.