Smoke Signals Bakery in Marshall

In the hills of Marshall, a small bakery — with a very special wood-burning oven — draws bakers to the warmth of its hearth and the wisdom of its owner.


Slice Pie Company in Raleigh

A father-daughter baking team started their Raleigh-based pie business after a win at the state fair, but their family’s baking secrets go back generations.


In Full Bloom: Brewery Bhavana in Raleigh

At Brewery Bhavana, individual passions grow and thrive. Here, food, flowers, beer, and books come together to create a space — and an experience — unlike any other.


Lump Crab & Wild Rice Casserole

Melted Cheddar, lump crabmeat, and wild rice: Every layer of this hearty casserole contributes something rich and delicious.