Carolina Hot Toddy

Without fail, every winter I seem to come down with a horrific sinus infection. Slowly I’ve come to terms with this and I’ve grown to accept the inevitable. I’ve heard my mama in years past speak of my great-grandmother’s (we called her “Grandmammy”) “Hot Toddies,” which she used to sip on when she was sick … Continued


An Ode to Fried Perfection

Handheld and made to last (and last and last), convenience-store fried pies hold a special place in the hearts of many.


A Foothills Twist on Pie: The Sonker

Born of mysterious origins — each family’s recipe different from the next — this sweet, deep-dish confection is a celebrated part of North Carolina’s culinary landscape.


Easy as Pie (or a Piece of Cake?)

Nancie McDermott — a North Carolina author who wrote the book(s) on Southern cakes and pies — weighs in on the benefits of making a mess in the kitchen.


B.L.T. Pasta Salad Recipe

Enjoy the delicious flavors of a B.L.T. in this pasta salad from Saint James United Methodist Cooks.