Louise Jarvis Flynn

Louise Jarvis Flynn is the features editor at Our State.


The Tastemaker of Durham

One of the South’s top chefs, Matt Kelly, has helped transform downtown dining into a tour of the world. But with Saint James Seafood, his inspiration is closer to home: our coast.


The Golden Age of Camping

Forget roughing it. Our nylon tents, weather apps, and freeze-dried trail chow can’t hold a candle to the comforts of camping a century ago. In Pisgah Forest, the adventures of happy campers like Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and George Vanderbilt inspire classic campouts today.


The New Descendants

The spirit of Virginia Dare, the first English child born in America, is alive and well on Roanoke Island. Every year, parents bring their babies to audition for the most important (nonspeaking) role in The Lost Colony — and for bragging rights that last a lifetime.


The Little Pepper That Could

A sweet-and-smoky Caribbean pepper grown in North Carolina unites a farmer’s passion and a chemist’s spunk in Pittsboro. Brunch will never be the same.

Home & Garden

The Botanical Cure

The blooms we give in celebration and in grief commemorate the same thing: life. For an artist and mother who presses and preserves them, those petals represent something else: hope.

Home & Garden

Homes We Love: A Storied Stay in Brevard

When Thomas Wolfe finally came home again, he found his way to
Partridge Hill in Brevard, where his literary friend Hamilton Basso
lived and wrote nine novels. Now, you can pay a visit, too.


The Last House Call

A retired Greenville pediatrician returns to his ancestral homestead to mend the house’s old bones, heal its wetlands and preserve a family history that has long captivated him.