Philip Gerard

Philip Gerard is the author of 13 books, including The Last Battleground: The Civil War Comes to North Carolina. Gerard was the author of Our State’s Civil War series. He currently teaches in the department of creative writing at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.


Surviving Hurricane Florence: The Landfall

Hurricanes are a fact of life along the North Carolina coast. Every summer and fall, seaside residents watch the weather forecasts and hope for the best. Occasionally, they simply hope to survive.

Decades Series

A Man For His Time

North Carolina’s wartime governor takes office with a desire to help the state he loves.

Decades Series

Learning, the Black Mountain Way

An experiment with innovative teachers and a nontraditional curriculum yields a controversial educational experience.

Decades Series

Workers Unite

A group of black women in Winston-Salem takes a stand to demand better wages and safer working conditions. The movement they start grows into a short-lived, but effective, labor union.

1940s Series

The 1940s: A Mighty Storm

A late summer hurricane slams the Outer Banks, leaving a path of destruction like nothing North Carolina’s coast has ever seen before.


Founding Fontana

When the United States needed a power source for nuclear weapons research, it turned to the mountains of North Carolina. The only thing that stood in the government’s way: the people living there.

Decades Series

The Miracle of Hickory

When polio strikes children in the Piedmont, doctors, nurses, and volunteers rise to the occasion to build an emergency quarantine hospital.

Decades Series

Field of Dreams

At a rural crossroads in Halifax County, black farmers chart a new destiny for their families through the Tillery resettlement program.

Decades Series

Land of Blue Smoke

With the creation of the Qualla Boundary comes conflict — between two men determined to lead the Eastern band of Cherokee and within the tribe itself.