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Surviving the Storm of a Lifetime … Again is featured in our December 2018 issue. This is part four of a four-part feature: The ApproachThe Landfall, The Aftermath.


the Outlook


As long as Hurricane Florence seemed to last, the wake the hurricane leaves behind endures even longer — for weeks, months — in a cacophony of chainsaws, blowers, and roofing hammers. Gargantuan machines scoop roadside mountains of debris into high, slab-sided black trailers, and, one truckload at a time, the wreckage disappears. Each day, a little more beauty returns.

But here’s the thing: As awful as Hurricane Florence was, it has brought us together. Everyone has a storm story, and sharing them creates a common language of survival.

We remain mindful of those who have lost homes, cars, belongings — and, in a few cases, loved ones.

We remain grateful to the first responders, Red Cross volunteers, and linemen in their bucket trucks.

Ultimately, it was our neighbors across the Wilmington and Brunswick County who stepped up, disregarding their differences, sharing food and water, taking in the displaced, reaching into their wallets on behalf of those in need. Finally, out of the havoc of Hurricane Florence comes a communal gesture of grace.

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