Decades Series

The 1950s: Long Live the Lumbee

The Native Americans of Robeson County are strong and proud, but their history is marked by the struggle to overcome bias. In the 1950s, a watershed moment brings national attention to the Lumbee Tribe.

Decades Series

The 1950s: UNC On The Air

The state’s first educational TV station delivers wisdom over the airwaves, from the classroom to viewers’ living rooms.

Decades Series

The 1950s: Justice in Black & White

As the racism of the Jim Crow era comes to a head, the push for equality gains momentum. In North Carolina and across the South, the seeds of the civil rights movement take root.

Decades Series

The 1950s: Elegy For an Iron Horse

Amid the rise of autos and airplanes, a Wilmington-based railroad company struggles to hold on, supported by passionate advocates until the last passenger train leaves the station.

Decades Series

The 1950s: Piedmont Airlines Takes Flight

As commercial aviation captures the public’s imagination, conditions are just right for a North Carolina airline — born and bred in Winston-Salem — to take off.

Decades Series

The 1950s: At The Drive-In

After the war, North Carolinians hit the road on gasoline that’s newly cheap and plentiful. Sleek cars in a kaleidoscope of colors carry families to drive-in theaters and restaurants, where they watch and dine under the stars.


The 1950s: A Shared Rhythm

The sound of change is in the air along the North Carolina Coast: The lively music coming out of a black resort community called Seabreeze attracts white audiences eager for something new.