The November 2022 Issue


Back for Seconds

Don’t be shy: At these North Carolina buffets and family-style restaurants, filling up your plate two or three times is expected and encouraged.

Welcome Home

A Guide to Downtown Fayetteville

As home to one of the world’s largest military installations, this city has a wide array of shops to browse and cuisines to enjoy thanks to passionate locals from diverse backgrounds.



Birds of Paradise

Handcrafted decoys have evolved from a practical tool for hunting waterfowl into a prized art form. Yet for some collectors, their value lies in cherished memories of the Carolina coast.

A Pirate’s Life

In North Carolina, the Atlantic’s most notorious buccaneers — from the fearsome Blackbeard to the “gentleman pirate” Stede Bonnet — left behind an aura of mystery and a spirit of daring and adventure.

Thanksgiving in North Carolina

A North Carolina Thanksgiving, Revisited

Over the years, a lot has changed about how we celebrate Thanksgiving, but certain traditions — gatherings of family and friends, football in the backyard, and a turkey on the table — have stood the test of time.

Here Comes the Big Parade

For more than 75 years, North Carolina’s largest Thanksgiving parade has rolled through Charlotte’s streets nearly every holiday season, a jubilant reminder that Christmas is just around the corner.

All Creatures Great & Small

Carolina Born & Bred

Six generations — and counting — of the Plott family have bred a hound renowned for its tenacity, bravery, and indelible link to the Tar Heel State.

A Tale of Two Fishes: Brook Trout & Red Drum

One scaly, swimming symbol alone could not tell the full story of our waters. Our state fishes represent two facets of North Carolina’s personality, two sides of a Southern coin: one as meditative as a remote mountain stream, the other as fiercely headstrong as the wild Atlantic.

Tracking Turtles with the Box Turtle Connection

Why did the turtle cross the road? Turns out, it was following the homing instinct that forever draws it back to where it was born. Across the state, citizen scientists collect data that may help protect this beloved reptile — and sometimes lend a hand to turtles in trouble.


We Have a Winner!

In 1964, the inaugural winner of Jeopardy! was a North Carolina native — and her Southern accent may have helped earn her a spot on the taping of the show.