April 2015

Vegan, Reinvented at Asheville’s Plant Restaurant

Here’s what you won’t find at Asheville’s Plant restaurant: meat, dairy, or eggs. What will you find? A creative menu unlike any you’ve seen — or tasted.


Bojangles’ and the Southern Fried IPO

The iconic Southern fast-food chain is fixin’ to sell you some stock with your sweet tea. Will it stay true to its roots?


Why We Celebrate North Carolina Beer Month

Sean Lilly Wilson of Fullsteam Brewery believes there are (at least) six reasons to support North Carolina Beer Month. Grab a local beer and see if you agree.


Bourbon Lemonade Cocktail Recipe

In this bourbon lemonade recipe, everyone’s favorite picnic drink gets a splash of spirits and a sprig of rosemary. Whip some up at an outdoor get-together.


Music and Food Merge at Soundbites at the Pub

Trade the auditorium chair for a seat at the table: The North Carolina Symphony’s Soundbites at the Pub series brings together good food, beautiful music, and new friends.


Baileys Chai Cocktail Recipe

For all those rainy, chilly days in March, this Baileys Chai cocktail recipe will certainly soothe the soul.