The Dark Hole: Civil War Prison Camps

At first, soldiers from both North and South return to their regiments in prisoner-of-war exchanges. But when officials end the old system in hopes of diminishing the slaughter, captured soldiers face death in the prison camps. (Volume 1, Part 6)

Civil War Series

Glory Bound

The captain of the Yadkin Stars is a fearless and loyal leader. But throughout his tenure and journey north as a prisoner of war, William Henry Asbury Speer remains haunted by a weary ambivalence toward the cause and this unwinnable war.
(Volume 1, Part 5)

Arts & Culture

Death of a Pinehurst Princess: The 1935 Elva Statler Davidson Mystery by Steve Bouser

All the elements of a blockbuster news story are here: a socialite bride, a $1 million inheritance, an older husband of questionable social rank, Yankees misbehaving on Southern soil. Big-city reporters from around the country swarmed Pinehurst in 1935 to cover the puzzling death of 22-year-old newlywed Elva Statler Davidson, whose partially clad body officers … Continued

Arts & Culture

Forged from the Soil

With enough red clay to sustain building projects up and down the East Coast, North Carolina’s brick industry has prospered in the hands of family-owned operations for centuries.

August 2011

Maritime Hero

By the time he became the first black keeper of a United States Life-Saving Service station, Richard Etheridge had overcome slavery, war, and racism.

August 2011

River Runaways

For slaves, the struggle began long before the first shots of the Civil War. Now, the unrest and confusion of conflict open passage to freedom. (Volume 1, Part 4)

August 2011

Carolina Rails

Long past its prime as the way to travel, a train charging across a field or a city street still has the power to transport us to places beyond its destination.

August 2011

History in a Mason Jar

Today, long after Junior Johnson famously learned to drive hauling outlaw liquor, distillers are again providing the fiery flavor of the backwoods — all with the state’s blessing.

Arts & Culture

Moments of Despair by David Silkenat

Read an excerpt from Moments of Despair, where writer David Silkenat explores the affects of suicide, divorce, and debt in North Carolina during the Civil War.