1. Bird watching has never been so easy. Visit the home of about 2,000 birds at Sylvan Heights Bird Park.

2. Wave and wonder at the family of gorillas (including babies!) at the North Carolina Zoo.

3. Meet cats from all over the world at the Carolina Tiger Rescue.

4. Watch lemurs create a painted abstract masterpiece and then take the canvas home with you at the Duke Lemur Center.

5. Enjoy a day of learning while exploring the Greensboro Science Center‘s zoo and aquarium.

6. Awaken your wild side at The Conservators’ Center, a haven for over 90 exotic animals in Caswell County.

7. Tour Apple Hills Farms and observe alpacas, donkeys, and more.

8. Take a stroll accompanied by hundreds of tropical butterflies at the Magic Wings Butterfly House at the Museum of Life and Science.

9. Get up close and personal with over 80 different animals at the Lynnwood Park Zoo.

10. There’s no need to travel overseas. Take a Aloha Safari Zoo tour in Cameron, N.C and buy some petting zoo food to feed the animals.

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