Carolina Clay

For thousands of years, ceramists have shaped North Carolina clay — the official state art medium — into functional and artistic vessels.

Welcome Home


This sweet cherry soda, invented in Salisbury, has been a cherished Tar Heel treasure for more than 100 years.

NC Icons: Barbecue

’Cue is our state’s signature sustenance, but with two distinct styles — eastern and Lexington — that’s typically where our agreement ends. Luckily, no matter which side of this delicious rivalry you fall on, barbecue is a food that brings people together.

90th Anniversary

4 Retro Icebox Recipes

When refrigeration arrived in the home kitchen, it brought delicious possibilities to the dinner table. With warmer days ahead, we’ve revived these treats from the old days.

Turbo Turtles

On June 15, 1940, a tiny turtle named Leopold lived up to his royal name by winning first place in Mount Airy’s Turtle Derby. The prize? Twenty dollars.


Home Sweet Rock Pile

One of our state’s most common fishes has a rare talent. In the fresh, clear waterways of the mountains and Piedmont, bluehead chubs build nests for their young, stone by tiny stone.

Soaring Salute

Through their P-51 Mustang, known as Swamp Fox, father-and-son pilots Robert and RT Dickson honor the memory of a World War II fighter pilot who — like so many service members — flew under the radar.

Plant Joy

Members of garden clubs across the state know that the secret to a beautiful backyard is hard work, patience, and a passion for plants.

NC Cooperative Extension

From Soup to Knots

Local NC Cooperative Extension experts preserve cherished recipes and introduce kids to the thrill of summer camp — and that’s just a taste of what they provide to their communities.

Raleigh’s Temple of Blooms

The director of JC Raulston Arboretum is North Carolina’s Indiana Jones of plants. He travels to some of the world’s most remote locations, braving treacherous landscapes and dangerous beasts in search of rare species to bring back to his shrine of flora.

Where the Wild Campers Are

At a 4-H camp in Rockingham County, children from all walks of life learn how to live together on the land, build teamwork skills, take on leadership roles, and forge lifelong friendships.

Beyond the Boundaries

In the mountains of western North Carolina, Cherokee foodways have endured for centuries, an integral part of the tribe’s identity. NC Cooperative Extension works to ensure that those traditions are not lost.