Quiz: Coffee Break

At these North Carolina shops, find java just the way you like it — whether black in a diner-style mug or iced with lots of cream and sugar.

Welcome Home


Snow Cream

Fluffy, freshly fallen snow works best for this sweet North Carolina treat. Plus, discover a twist on the classic.


Dawn’s Early Light

On New Year’s Day and each frosty morning after, dawn breaks clear and bright across our state, from coastal whitecaps to mountain snowcaps. In North Carolina, the brilliance of a winter sunrise brings the promise of fresh possibilities.

Winter Welcome

And now, we wait. Will January bring snow, sleet, or freezing rain? Big, fluffy flakes for sledding and snow cream? Or a crystalline coat of ice for every pine bough? In North Carolina, the skies can surprise us.

Snow Cream Dreams

In a quest for the perfect bowl of snow cream, the sweetest spoonfuls are always found in the past, mixed together with memories of snow day fun.

Chilly Cook-Off

When it comes to essential snow day comfort foods, we know you’ve got the tomato soup and grilled cheese down pat. So we’ve cooked up a few more recipes for keeping cozy on the coldest days in North Carolina.

Icebox Hero

Milk and bread are all well and good, but when the ice storm cometh, it pays to overfill the larder. In Greensboro, one writer’s winter pantry is sure to be fully stocked — and then some.


Ring in the Old

Rodanthe residents have long celebrated a second Christmas — Old Christmas — on January 6, with, ahem, unusual traditions.