Quiz: Fountains of Fizz

North Carolina pharmacists may not prescribe Pepsi anymore, but the sweet treats at these historic soda fountains can still cure a case of the blues.

Welcome Home



Master of the Marshes

Capt. Seth Vernon is a rare breed. As an old-school fishing guide, he poles his silent skiff through shallow waters, giving anglers their best shot to land the big one.

Peanuts! Get Your Peanuts!

Boiled, brittled, or bagged at the ballpark, there’s a peanut for practically every time and place. We’re proud that so many of them come from eastern North Carolina — ranked fifth in the nation for peanut production — where a whole lot of legumes find purchase in our sandy soil.

The Baddest Girl on the Planet

With the crashing waves of Hatteras Island as the backdrop, Heather Frese’s award-winning debut novel follows the story of a local girl who’s fed up with being held down.

Our State Knows Best: Fly-Fishing

Find out what three fly-fishing experts have to say about their favorite spots in the state to reel ’em in, the essential gear and tips you need to get started, and the lure of the line.

From NC to Everywhere

35 Amazing Historic Places to See in North Carolina

The National Register of Historic Places has documented some 95,000 structures, sites, and districts across the country. In North Carolina, around 2,900 properties — from churches and cotton mills to farms, homes, and schools — have earned this designation. Now, these special spots representing our state’s history are known nationwide.

Dresses for Success

In 1936, a young man from Lexington left the orphanage that raised him and built a legacy from the ground up. His company — appropriately called National — keeps women around the country dressed in comfort, and his story continues to inspire.

Voices of Angels in Winston-Salem

For more than three decades, a Piedmont theater company has brought some of the world’s greatest Black actors and playwrights together to tell their stories in venues across downtown Winston-Salem.

The Little Hardware Store That Could

When a Wilkes County farmer opened his namesake hardware store a century ago in North Wilkesboro, no one could have predicted that Lowe’s would go from selling snuff and horse collars to becoming one of the largest home improvement chains in the world.

Bowls of Paradise

North Carolinians have always known that our pottery tradition is something to celebrate. As its dishware in simple shapes and earthy colors captivates a growing fan base, Asheville’s East Fork pottery is letting the rest of the world in on our secret.

Halifax Resolve

After a career spent designing hotels around the world, Patterson Wilson took on her biggest project yet. She’s determined to remind people why her hometown — so important to our nation’s history — is special in its own right.


The 1970s: Cradle of Music

At Cat’s Cradle, a new music venue in the college town of Chapel Hill, a lively arts scene flourishes, drawing national acts and nurturing the careers of countless local musicians.