Fruits of Our Labor

From apples in the mountains to peaches in the Sandhills to blueberries on the Coastal Plain, there’s a bounty of North Carolina-grown fruit to enjoy.

Welcome Home

Red & Blue

North Carolina’s state colors adorn our flag, of course, but they’re also found in the things that make us who we are: food and music, nature and art.

Our State Knows Best: Figs

We talked to three North Carolina fig fanatics about the fleeting fruit’s celebrated history and heritage on Ocracoke Island, how to grow your own across the state, and their favorite way to eat them — from cake to biscuits.



All Bottled Up

For a kid growing up in High Point, a love of wild things came naturally, encouraged by a seventh-grade science teacher and a mom who didn’t mind when those wild things came home in pickle jars and pillowcases.

The Sound of Old Salem

For 250 years, music has filled the cobblestone streets of the Old Salem historic district in Winston-Salem. This summer, the band that’s played everything from Moravian hymns and polkas to rock ’n’ roll covers celebrates its historic milestone with their community.

Fields of Dreams

These working farms produce fruits, vegetables, herbs, and livestock — and set the stage for unforgettable life celebrations. This month, we trade the ballroom for the barn with nine inspiring places for a party.

NC Icons: The Tractor Factor

When farmers hoist themselves up into the seat of a tractor, they nurture a connection between a piece of land and a way of life. Nobody knows this better than North Carolina Commissioner of Agriculture Steve Troxler, who has a deep appreciation for the machine that changed the landscape of our state.

Farming in North Carolina

North Carolina’s Rice Revival

Eastern North Carolina was once home to thousands of acres of Carolina Gold rice. And then, about a century ago, those rice fields disappeared. In Pamlico County, this heirloom crop is back — and coming to menus across the state.

Sowing Second Chances

For formerly incarcerated women, a farm in Alamance County imparts knowledge and skills, nurtures their physical and spiritual health, and supports them as they rebuild their lives.


The 1980s: The Challenger Seven

One of the worst accidents of the American space program shapes a generation: In 1986, the nation mourns the heroes aboard the space shuttle Challenger, including two astronauts with deep ties to North Carolina.