Welcome Home

A Guide to Lexington

You might know this Piedmont city for its world-renowned barbecue — and rightfully so. But take a walk uptown,
and you’ll discover so much more.


Baked Spaghetti

A different kind of winter warmer: Our baked spaghetti combines pasta, cheese, and tomato sauce into one melty medley.


Cats in the Pines

Once, our longleaf pines produced the materials that helped ships travel around the globe — but the profits came at a price. Now, the forests that rang out with the sounds of industry stand quiet, and the last witnesses to that era are a rare find indeed.

Oh, the Places We’ve Been

When a writer’s oldest daughter heads to college, a flood of memories from their travels around North Carolina causes him to reflect — and to write a letter so they’ll never forget.

A New Spin on the Veggie Plate

You know the vegetable plates we get at our favorite meat-and-three diners? A growing number of vegetarian and vegan restaurants across the state are taking that old idea to new levels, offering creative vegetable combinations and alternatives to meat that put a contemporary twist on Southern classics.

A Pungo Homecoming

A coffee shop in Raleigh is a world away from the Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge in eastern North Carolina. But a writer discovers that they have something in common: love.