The February 2022 Issue


Musicians Who Move Us

The tunes created by these talented North Carolinians fill our homes and hearts all year. During Black History Month, especially, we love to celebrate their legacies.

Welcome Home

A Guide to Downtown Laurinburg

“The Fighting Scots” is more than a high school team name: It’s a rallying cry for longtime residents — including one community director — who are building up their downtown for generations to come.



March of the Salamanders

Across the state, tiny feet are on the move: North Carolina is alive with amphibian activity this time of year. On a rainy night, you just might spot a salamander scurrying toward its ancestral breeding pool.

Made in NC Awards

Filled With Love

At a homey specialty pasta shop in Durham, the South meets Southern Italy in a pimento cheese ravioli that would make any grandma proud.

Made in NC: Where There’s Smoke

Early on, a woodworker in Rowan County learned to infuse his projects with a blend of art, science, and ingenuity. Then, a chance request sparked the idea to add smoke and spirits to the mix.