Quiz: Roads Scholar

North Carolina’s turn-of-the-century nickname “The Good Roads State” still rings true: Our state has the second-largest state-maintained highway system in the country.

Welcome Home

A Guide to Downtown Murphy

A Cherokee business owner in the westernmost county seat in North Carolina shares her favorite places to shop, dine, and learn more about her tribe’s history.



Enchantment Under the Stars: A Photo Essay

Star light, star bright — won’t you join us for a show tonight? The cicadas are singing, and the air smells like campfire smoke, or drive-in popcorn, or a saltwater breeze. From the mountains to the coast, nighttime in North Carolina is a work of art.

OS Knows Best: Stargazing

Find out what three astronomy experts have to say about using star charts and telescopes, their favorite places in North Carolina to stargaze, and the most amazing things they’ve ever seen in the night sky.

An I-95 Road Trip

I-95 Road Trip: Baseball is Back!

A minor league ball team returns to its new home stadium this year after the pandemic disrupted its 2020 season. Now, Fayetteville Woodpeckers fans can continue making joyful summertime memories — of hot peanuts, booming fireworks, and the sweet crack of bat against ball.


The 1970s: Lifting Native Voices

A new commission of Indian affairs ensures representation for North Carolina’s indigenous population. In politics, journalism, the arts, and more, the state’s original residents make strides and speak out.