The November 2021 Issue


Welcome Home



On Turkey Time

Preparing the perfect Thanksgiving entrée — especially outdoors, in the fickle weather of a North Carolina November — is a delicate process that cannot be rushed. Just ask the Ramblin’ Man.

Cabins & Cottages

Keep Cozy or Kick Back? Cabins vs. Cottages

Both are charming. Both have Southern hospitality to spare. But when it comes right down to it, what’s the best way to unwind in North Carolina — keeping cozy in a cabin or kicking back in a cottage? Two writers tell all.

The Fishing Camps of Core Banks

In a pair of rustic cottages on two remote strips of North Carolina shoreline, one family left time and responsibilities behind to watch waves crash on barren beaches and stars dance in the coal black sky.

A Peaceful, Easy Village

A country doctor created an idyllic ghost town of 19th-century log cabins in rural Catawba County. Five decades later, his granddaughter continues to nurture Hart Square Village, a living museum of pioneer life for new generations.

The Bungalow by Shallowbag Bay

A few things have changed in Manteo since the 1920s, when a boatbuilder constructed his house, piece by piece, using a Sears kit. Croatan Cottage now welcomes guests to recall a simpler time, when plans for a dream home came from a catalog.