Welcome Home

Downtown Kernersville

A bedroom community has blossomed into a notable destination filled with colorful history, tasty food, creative shops, plus neighbors who make you feel like family.

Rest & Ride in Burnsville

At this historic home that’s been transformed into a charming mountain inn, R & R takes on new meaning: Guests can enjoy the sounds of nature, extravagant breakfasts, upscale amenities, and even a UTV joyride.



Easter in North Carolina

When the sun rises on Easter morning, its warming rays make their way across our landscape — from the sandy shores to the tallest peaks — flooding our homes and hearts with hope and light.

Safe Passage for Dreams

Hopes were high in the 18th and 19th centuries that Harlowe Creek would connect Carteret County with the world. That didn’t pan out. Now, the narrow waterway is shrouded in mystery. And for a few brave souls, it’s an adventure through wild country.

Freedom at 20,000 feet

Warren Wheeler’s love of open spaces inspired him to start his own airline, blaze a trail into history, and pass his knowledge on to a new generation of pilots.

Season of Hope

Pastel dyed eggs dotting the landscape are a sure sign that winter is winding down, but as every gardener knows, patience is key: Spring doesn’t necessarily begin when the Easter sermon ends.

Art in the Great Wide Open

Planted Here

A towering, whimsical Venus flytrap may seem out of place in a military community, but this sculpture has found a home among soldiers putting down roots in the Sandhills.

Down to Earth

A brick sculpture stretches across a downtown block in the rolling hills of Surry County, paying homage to a few of the everyday people who built America’s favorite small town.

Animal Farm

Herds of steel horses and other beasts — with tails, manes, trunks, and humps of silver and rust — have overtaken the sidewalks and vacant lots in Greenville.

The Fabric of Our Lives in Greensboro

A 90-foot-long, multicolored sculptural net flutters above LeBauer Park, bringing a powerful sense of community to this multicultural downtown equally known for its history of civil rights advances and textile manufacturing.


Cute Cub Alert!

In 1972, legendary photographer and Grandfather Mountain proprietor Hugh Morton took this 10-week-old bear cub on a trip across North Carolina.