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Back in the Day: Coastal Cowboys

by Victoria Haynes

Ocracoke Island’s Boy Scout Troop 290 was the first — and only — mounted Boy Scout troop in the country.

September 2018 Welcome Letter: Advice for a First-Time Camper?

by Elizabeth Hudson

North Carolina is a camping paradise, but what if you’ve never slept under the stars before?

Our State Quiz: Rides & Ribbons

by Alan Hodge

This month kicks off the season of fried food and midway memories at county and regional fairs across the state.


This is North Carolina

We Live Here

Neighborhood: Fisher Park

by Katie Schanze

A century ago, Greensboro’s first park inspired the city’s most fashionable neighborhood. Today, it’s filled with heart and history.

Justus Orchard in Hendersonville

by Caroline Kelly

In Henderson County, a treasured family tradition begins with an empty basket, a stroll among the apple trees — and a doughnut.

Leclair’s General Store in Fayetteville

by Susan Stafford Kelly

A modern mercantile is a charming hangout for a new generation.

The Happy Shack in West Jefferson

by Bailey Sherrill

At a colorful, travel-inspired shop in the High Country, expect the unexpected.

Toad & Wee: Building Memories

by Drew Perry

A quest to understand how boards and blocks become tables and chairs leads a pair of young woodworkers to a furniture factory in Burlington.


Recipes: School Days

by Lynn Wells

Elsewhere on 10th in North Wilkesboro

by Jimmy Tomlin

A Wilkes County native returned to her hometown with a vision that was new for the area. Now, her restaurant harvests inspiration from local farms and gardens.


Ramblin’ Man: Chasing Waterfalls

by T. Edward Nickens

Stumbling upon a mountain stream cascading down a ravine can be unforgettable, but some memories require a little more effort.

Workers Unite

by Philip Gerard

A group of black women in Winston-Salem takes a stand to demand better wages and safer working conditions. The movement they start grows into a short-lived, but effective, labor union.

Tryon: Horse Country

by Susan Stafford Kelly

Poised to become a world stage for equestrian sports, this Foothills town of rolling pastures and woodlands is home to some 1,600 residents — and one horse for every 2½ people.

Camping Carolina-Style

Finding the Perfect Campsite

by T. Edward Nickens

With a little luck and a lot of patience, campers can score an ideal place to pitch a tent — unless someone else claims it first.

The Golden Age of Camping

by Louise Jarvis Flynn

Forget roughing it. Our nylon tents, weather apps, and freeze-dried trail chow can’t hold a candle to the comforts of camping a century ago. In Pisgah Forest, the adventures of happy campers like Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and George Vanderbilt inspire classic campouts today.

The Campground Family

by Chip Womick

Whiling away the weekend with friends and relatives at Holly Bluff has been a warm-weather tradition in Randolph County for 50 years.

Legends of the Fire

by Drew Perry

Coaxing a roaring blaze from nothing more than twigs and sheer will is a skill that is passed down for generations.

The Castaways

by Ed Hardin

When the red drum run along the South Core Banks, a caravan of DIY campers comes rumbling up the beach. Just like the fish they seek, these surf fishermen know how to hang on until the bitter end.

There’s a Patch for That

by Sean Flynn

A faithful Eagle Scout preserves the memorabilia and memories of countless campouts, merit badges, and good deeds in a farmhouse museum in Lillington.

Have Jerky, Will Travel

by Andrea Weigl

No longer mere trail fuel, craft jerky is having a moment. In the hands of North Carolina makers, this survival snack with ancient origins is upping its game.

My Life in Tents

by Robyn Yiğit Smith

Being prepared isn’t always possible in life — or in the woods. The best wilderness adventures test our mettle and require a brazen embrace of uncertainty.


Carolina Calendar: September 2018

by Our State Staff

For some end of summer fun, just add beach music, bluegrass, and fancy footwork.

NC Primer: About the Author

by Susan Stafford Kelly

For two famous writers, North Carolina was their home and inspiration.

Bonus! Guide to the Great Outdoors

Wild Wonder

Under the Hatteras Light

by Philip Gerard

When he was a teenager, Philip Gerard left Delaware to discover himself. He had nothing but a sleeping bag, clothes, a backpack, a stove, and a canteen. Then he found a personal guide in the Hatteras Light.

Call of the Wild

by Susan Stafford Kelly

On this aerial adventure in Guilford County, channel your spirit animal — and test your courage — among the trees.

Ramblin’ Man: Blazing a New Trail on the Roan Balds

by T. Edward Nickens

Hiking the Appalachians is a memorable experience. Add to the hike the promise of one of life’s major milestones, and the trip becomes unforgettable.

On the Appalachian Trail with Hiker Jennifer Pharr Davis

by Jennifer Pharr Davis

Her first hike on the Appalachian Trail took five months; years later, she did it in 46 days. A record-setting hiker reflects on what it means when a trail becomes a path for life.

Deep-Sea Dream

by T. Edward Nickens

Venturing out to the Gulf Stream on a legendary sportfishing boat is nice. Hauling in a monster catch while you’re there is better.

Catch & Release

by T. Edward Nickens

Devised in the North Carolina mountains, the famed Yaller Hammer trout fly ties an angler to history, heritage, and — if he’s lucky — a catch to remember.

In Search of Methuselah

by T. Edward Nickens

The oldest tree in North Carolina grows deep within Three Sisters Swamp in Bladen County.

Rafting Gone Rogue

by Jeremy Markovich

The Cheoah River is clogged with trees, underwater dangers, and big water. It’s almost too dangerous to raft. Just ask one of the few who’ve made it down.

5 Bucket List Adventures

Guide to NC State Parks