Fried & True

North Carolina’s landmark coastal restaurants don’t just serve good food. They also help us continue cherished traditions.

Welcome Home

The Sum of Trifles

When author Julia Ridley Smith, the daughter of long-time Greensboro antique collectors, sifts through her late parents’ collection, she uncovers the story of her family — and of herself.

Love at First Bite at Amos Mosquito’s

After working at her family’s seaside resort, an Atlantic Beach native went off to culinary school, then returned home to open a restaurant of her own. Decades later, Amos Mosquito’s is a treasured mainstay.



The Redbug Blues

Exploring the state from maritime forests to mountain trails, the Ramblin’ Man has encountered a rogues’ gallery of pests: mosquitoes, ticks, no-see-ums. None compare to his sworn enemy, the chigger.

New Inn Town in Corolla

In the village of Corolla, a different kind of lodging stands out from the weeklong rentals typical of the northern Outer Banks. Guests might only stay there for a night or two, but in that short amount of time, the Corolla Village Inn feels like home.

Come Aboard

For a new view of North Carolina, leave the land behind. A journey by boat unlocks hidden worlds, helping us see another side of our state — within the marshes, creeks, rivers, and sounds — and leaving fond memories in its wake.

5 Sunset Sails to Take This Summer

From the deck of a boat, a sunset over the water is even more spectacular. With gentle waves as the stage, charismatic captains as the cast, and an orange glow as the backdrop, these evening cruises put on a show that’s sure to impress.


The 1980s: The Bird Man

In Wilmington, a biology professor makes it his mission to understand and protect the waterbirds that nest along the North Carolina coast — and inspires his students to do the same.