Welcome Home

Downtown: Manteo

The allure of this waterfront town lies in its history and mystery, nostalgia and charm. On Roanoke Island, the past is always present.

The Graduates

When schools across the state send off another class, students and professors celebrate the end of one journey and the beginning of another.


The Story of the Toot-N-Tell

Once upon a time, drive-in customers pulled up to a family restaurant with a funny name. Nearly 75 years later, loyal regulars are still enjoying this classic Southern buffet in Garner.

Magic Beans

One Big Backyard Bean Party

The idea struck some as odd at first. Nevertheless, Lloyd and Frances Shore persisted. Now, a crowd gathers every May in Durham County to spoon up a special kind of camaraderie — and, of course, beans.


The Town that Backpacks Built

Muddy boots are a welcome sight in this postcard-perfect spot in the Smokies. Whether you hike in on the Appalachian Trail or drive in for a weekend visit, Hot Springs offers every traveler a special kind of trail magic.

The Trees Will See You Now

In North Carolina, physicians have long known that nature is the best medicine. Now, a new trail hiking program named TRACK Trails Rx is prescribing doses to the sick and the well.

No Mountain High Enough

If a walk in the woods meant peaceful meditation for 19th-century naturalists like Henry David Thoreau, it signaled danger for African-Americans. An outdoorsman is changing that narrative by leading Charlotte’s Outdoor Afro hiking club on journeys to reclaim natural spaces.

Big Memories in a Tiny Shack

In the shadow of Whiteside Mountain in Jackson County sits the Grimshawes Post Office, an eensy-weensy wooden building that old-timers fondly remember and newcomers visit on hiking excursions around Cashiers and Highlands.