Welcome Home

The Music Man of Black Mountain

Songwriter, producer, record label founder: This veteran of the rock ’n’ roll industry has done it all. At a venue near his hometown, he provides a space for performers to express themselves — and for the audience to listen.


Small Towns, Big Bites

An Inn for the Ages in Hillsborough

Having survived Civil War pillaging and nearly two decades of neglect, a historic hotel in Hillsborough refuses to surrender. The structure’s latest incarnation brings memories of the past together with modern twists on Southern cuisine.


The Mighty Roanoke River: A Photo Essay

The Roanoke begins in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia and travels more than 400 miles before emptying into Albemarle Sound, linking countless lives along the way. Follow along as a native son traces the river’s path through northeastern North Carolina, sharing stories of the Roanoke he knows and loves.

Pigeons, Passing By

Centuries ago, migrating passenger pigeons flew south by the millions, great rivers of feathers streaming through the sky. Those birds are gone now, but their memory is a reminder to look up: Spring still brings a flood of winged wonder.

Friendship by Design

At first, a new house in Raleigh’s historic Oakwood neighborhood spurred controversy among residents who didn’t want contemporary next to traditional. Now, two friends — one a modernist architect, the other a historic preservationist — have helped bring their community back together through a mutual respect for each other and a passion for beautiful homes.

Whispers in the Wood

In Pitt County, a luthier’s handcrafted guitars are sometimes discolored or full of knots; some are shaped liked snakes or shotguns. Each instrument’s story starts with the wood used to make it. And while the past may have left its scars, beauty can be found in the sights and sounds of art.