Come on In!

During the hottest days of summer, water attractions across North Carolina provide a refreshing escape.

Welcome Home



It’s the Little Things

For the Ramblin’ Man, nothing defines the flavor of summer in North Carolina like sweet, succulent shrimp. He trawls roadside stands for these tiny treasures from the sea and sound, and he might be willing to share … if you’re lucky.

Deli Delights

Counter Culture

At the turn of the 20th century, most North Carolinians were more familiar with lunch counters and soda fountains than with delicatessens. Yet as the state grew and new cultural influences arrived, the deli became an indelible part of our culinary landscape — and it continues to evolve.

A W(ish) Come True

A Raleigh chef transformed an old-school soda fountain into a delicatessen that’s a little Jewish, a little Italian, and a little Southern. What pulls it all together is his winning personality.