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From Elizabeth Hudson: The Bigger Picture

by Elizabeth Hudson

Our editor in chief marvels at the awe-inspiring landscape of Linville Gorge as she climbs Shortoff Mountain.

Quiz: Vast Vistas

by Alan Hodge

When fall arrives in North Carolina, we head west for vibrant foliage, miles of mountain views, and scenic overlooks to take it all in.


We Live Here

Downtown: Wilkesboro

by Jodi Helmer

When a couple from out of state ventured off the highway in search of a peaceful place to stop, they discovered musicians and makers, outdoor adventures, farm-to-table fare, and friendly neighbors.

Montgomery Sheep Farm in Biscoe

by Jennifer Brookland

The sheep that graze on this solar farm in Montgomery County play an essential role when it comes to producing clean energy, clean food, and a clean farm.

Battery Park Book Exchange & Champagne Bar in Asheville

by C.A. Carlson

Raise a glass at this Paris-inspired bookstore and Champagne bar, where old-world European style meets old-school Southern hospitality.

Pine Level Hardware & Furniture in Pine Level

by Jamey Cross

At a furniture store in Johnston County, every customer — whether they buy a sofa or a screwdriver — is part of a family tradition more than a century in the making.

Costume Drama

by Drew Perry

In the Piedmont, where fall temperatures are fickle right through the end of October, deciding what to wear on Halloween is both a trick and a treat.


Cozy Up to Fall With These Four Pudding Recipes

by Lynn Wells

With the first hints of fall cooling the air, we headed straight for a warm kitchen, taking inspiration from one of the coziest comfort foods.

Village Diner in Hillsborough

by Alex Dixon

After more than 40 years, the hub that brought mill workers and civic leaders together over meat loaf and mashed potatoes is still the heart of Hillsborough.

Burney’s Sweets & More in Elizabethtown

by Katie Saintsing

Long before big-city chefs began crossing croissants with doughnuts, a family bakery in southeastern North Carolina quietly perfected a regional icon.

The Mountain Issue: Linville Gorge

The Linville Look

by Robyn Yiğit Smith

The elegantly rustic bark shingles that give this mountain town its character are as fashionable today as they were more than a century ago when a famous architect introduced them.

The Heart of Morganton

by Mark Kemp

Merchants and their regulars in this Burke County town have banded together like family, uplifting and reinventing a community rich in nature, compassion, and creativity.

Iron & Artistry

by Mark Kemp

In a shop outside of Morganton, a modern blacksmith and his wife turn elemental materials — metal and wood — into elegant works that can be found all over town, and beyond.

Signs of Change

by Rebecca Bengal

For 125 years, the North Carolina School for the Deaf has drawn generations of students from all over the state, evolving with the times. Now, as NCSD prepares to enter a new phase, it’s clear what the historic campus has always been for its community: a second home.

The Long Way Back to The Sphinx

by Jeremy Markovich

Three years after a devastating fall from the side of a mountain in the rocky wilderness of Linville Gorge, an avid hiker returned to the scene to find acceptance and renewal.

The Godfather of Linville Gorge Climbing

by Leigh Ann Henion

Joey Henson found that the best way to protect this wild and vital landscape is to conquer it.

Living Cliffside

by Leigh Ann Henion

A retired biology professor at Appalachian State University studies the new species, the rare species, and the really old species that grow on Linville Gorge cliffs.

An Afternoon & A Tank of Gas: Highway 221 South

by Sheri Castle

The winding, scenic route through Linville may not be a long drive — it’s only about 20 miles — but it becomes a journey when you stop to shop, eat, and see the sights.

Good Times at the Old Hampton Store

by Susan Stafford Kelly

In an old trading post and gristmill near Grandfather Mountain, an artist has created a community of locals and tourists who come together over pulled pork and fried pickles, High Country cocktails, and traditional Appalachian art and music.

Appalachian Atlantis: The Lost Mountain Utopia of Fonta Flora

by Aaron Reuben

Legend has it that beneath Lake James rests the lost mountain utopia of Fonta Flora, a diverse community that farmed fertile land and lived in harmony. Getting to the truth behind the lore involves following family history, old maps, and really good beer.

Fonta Flora’s Legendary Brew

by Mark Kemp

On a curvy road in the shadow of Shortoff Mountain, a farm-to-pint brewery embraces the legend of Fonta Flora and its long-lost agrarian community.

How to Find the Most Magnificent Views of Linville Gorge

by Our State Staff

When it comes to mountain vistas, nothing compares to the magnificence of Linville Gorge. From gentle strolls to near-vertical climbs, there’s a path for everyone who wants to enjoy some of the state’s most stunning scenery.


8 Mountain Meals Worthy of a Road Trip

by Katie Saintsing

Here, “eating local” isn’t a trend — Appalachian cooks have always made the most of the flavors that grow around them. Today, mountain chefs continue that hearty, homegrown legacy.

Where Cabbage Is King

by Sheri Castle

A staple crop of Watauga County for generations, the glorious green cabbage remains a savory symbol of old mountain ways and comforting suppers. Plus, it might just cure what ails you.

The 1950s: The Shape of Things to Come

by Philip Gerard

Three universities, dozens of movers and shakers, one singular vision: Research Triangle Park charts a new course for North Carolina, proving that a simple idea can become a grand reality.

The Wonder of a Wet Land

by T. Edward Nickens

With every journey into the cypress and Spanish moss, the Ramblin’ Man falls deeper under the spell of swamps. Where some may fear darkness and decay, he finds beauty and life.


Carolina Calendar: October 2019

by Our State Staff

From pumpkin festivals to autumn celebrations, your curated monthly guide to events across North Carolina.

Fergus’ Ark vs. USS North Carolina

by Jeremy Markovich

On October 2, 1961, the USS North Carolina hit Fergus’ Ark seafood restaurant while docking in Wilmington.