The December 2018 Issue


We Live Here

Toad & Wee: Return to the Rink

It’s Christmastime in the city: Amid the busy bustle, ice-skaters find moments of peace and joy while circling outdoor rinks. Here they come around again, gliding into another holiday season.



Toy Stories

While the staff at the state Museum of History creates a new exhibit about our childhood obsessions, North Carolinians reflect on the kids they were, the adults they’ve become, and the toys that shaped them.

Love & Light

In Winston-Salem, neighbors gather together to celebrate lovefeast the way they have since the first Moravian settlers arrived here centuries ago: with hot coffee, sweet buns, stirring music, and the warm glow of candlelight.

Stories of the Season

A Feast For Many

Buns flavored with spice and a hint of orange star in the Moravian tradition of lovefeast. And that keeps one bakery in Winston-Salem very busy at Christmastime.

Glam Ham

Whether elegantly glazed, pinned with pineapple, or shellacked with Cheerwine, ’tis the season for fancy hams.

Life of the Party

In North Carolina, the holiday season doesn’t really get rolling until the sausage balls arrive. Yet, even here, the origin of the recipe remains a mystery.

Finding the Light

Hanukkah had become a ho-hum holiday for an Asheville professor, until a gathering of friends — and a batch of crisp latkes — awakened his spirit.

Bundles of Love

For a Venezuelan family in Charlotte, Christmas cooking goes on all month, and then some. But one special tamale-making ritual really brings home the holiday.

Merry Elegance

Christmas 1923 was Katharine Reynolds’s last at Reynolda House. The holiday was a private time for this family of public prominence, yet through menu cards and mementos archived at the estate, we glimpse a time of splendid celebration and one woman’s generous spirit.

A Dainty Cup of Christmas Eve

Dessert or drink? Hard to say when recipes once called for lime sherbet, cups of sugar, and jars of cherries. But there’s nothing quite like classic punch to quench our thirst for the festive.