We Live Here

Downtown: Oriental

Once a quiet fishing village, this small town on the Neuse River has become one of the East Coast’s top sailing destinations.

Ready to Roll

Young daredevils fly into new adventures with joyful abandon. For their parents, the trick is learning to let them soar.


Pizza, Past & Present

A Slice to Remember

When pizza parlors arrived in North Carolina, the checkered tablecloths and warm, garlicky welcome changed downtown eating — and campus life — forever.

5 Serious North Carolina Pizza Joints

Artisan pizza, with its thin crust and cheese that tastes of the woodsmoke in which it was baked, outshines its boxed-and-ready cousins. These five restaurants deliver the traditional Italian version with North Carolina ingredients.

The Modern Look

The Marvelous Mr. Modern

George Smart set out to save a historic, but often overlooked, architectural style in North Carolina. By showcasing the functional beauty of these homes across the state, he’s rallied folks to the cause of Mayberry Modernism.


Making The Mountains-To-Sea Trail

For more than 40 years, the Mountains-to-Sea Trail has stretched nearly 1,200 miles across North Carolina. But for the passionate advocates who work to move the path off of roadways and into woods and fields — a fraction of a mile at a time — improving the trail is an ongoing journey.

The 1950s: At The Drive-In

After the war, North Carolinians hit the road on gasoline that’s newly cheap and plentiful. Sleek cars in a kaleidoscope of colors carry families to drive-in theaters and restaurants, where they watch and dine under the stars.