The November 2018 Issue


We Live Here

Downtown: Carrboro

This funky, free-spirited town in Orange County has long been shaped by the university down the street, but these days, it stands on its own.



Two Churches, One Table

Thanksgiving has always been about coming together. For a pair of churches in Wilmington, this year’s holiday menu is inspired by a new cookbook that connects two communities: one historically black, and the other predominantly white.

Roots & Grooves

For three decades, the tobacco town of Kinston was known as a hothouse for musical talent. Teachers and their students dazzled audiences with their jazz, swing, and R&B jams, giving rise to a new American sound: funk.

A Guide to NC Oysters

An Oysterman’s Calling

The education of oysterman and teacher Ryan Bethea started on land with one brave slurp. Now, his sustainably harvested Harkers Island oysters are prized throughout the state.

Bounty in the Marsh

Farming and fishing were a way of life on this island at the tip of Pamlico County. Then hurricanes brought rising waters. Now Lowlanders farm a new crop, one that comes from the sea.

Sticking Together

If there’s one thing oysters like, it’s hanging out with, near, and on top of other oysters. So to make them comfy, volunteers are gathering up used shells and recycling them into new beds for bivalves.

Follow the Smoke

How do you turn a cozy oyster feast at an Orange County homestead into an annual rollicking festival? Just add a little music, a lot of barbecue, and a bunch of friends you haven’t met yet.

BONUS! The Southern Soul of Charlotte